Ruth is a doll. When Abbi’s dad (currently 71 years old) was still a child, Ruth was already an antique. Brought home by his mother along with Majestic, the two dolls are thrice haunted. First for being old and creepy, second for having actual human hair, and third because they were restored in the strangest doll shop ever seen. Ruth was created in the 1860s and is now enjoying being dressed in ridiculous doll clothes. Now Abbi and her cousin Laura can look forward to a lifetime of waiting to be murdered in their sleep by these treasured family heirlooms.

Majestic (left) and Ruth reunite at a family birthday party. Majestic was so kind to bring dresses, party hats, and cake along for them both.
Ruth wore this beautiful blue dress, a gift from Majestic, for the Superbowl.
Ruth’s Christmas outfit. She has to wear her original dress under all her other clothes because her legs and arms are so weird.
Mrs. B’s Dolls in Blaine, MN could be a scene in a horror movie. Ruth and Majestic were both restored here and probably picked up a stray evil spirit or two during their stay.