Beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art created by our dedicated fans have poured in from around the world. Check out some of these amazing creations!

The Truest Shit Tag is truly the most epic piece of fan art ever received by The Truest Crime Podcast. It will forever hang on the wall in the recording studio. Thank you, Dennis!
Thank you, Gary, for even more amazing fan art. The quality and variety of the unpainted wood is dazzling.
Our second Shit Tag came in this aptly addressed package, with a set of duct tape and zip ties for our future needs.
Our producer, Jameson, models two works of art. He is rocking an aluminum foil hat along with The Sword of Clervenel. Learn more about the trials and tribulations of Mr. St. Louis in Episode 3! Thank you, Gary!
The first fan art delivered to our recording studio. Inspired by our revelations about the movie Signs in Episode 2. Thank you, Gary!
Kashmere models an aluminum foil hat.
The first ever fan art modeled by Spoot, who is not only handsome but also protected from mind control. Thank you, Genni!